Adult Swim Lessons


American Red Cross Adult Swim Lessons are for teens and adults who wish to develop or improve their swimming and water safety skills.[divider]

Adult Swim Levels

Adult Swim Lessons—Learning the Basics

This level is designed to introduce the inexperienced or fearful adult to the water so that they become more comfortable in the water and learn to enjoy the water safely.

Adults will learn how to enter and exit the pool safely and control their breathing. As they build their confidence, students will learn proper body position on both their front and back with proper flutter kick. Basic paddle stroke, Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Elementary Backstroke, and basic water safety skills are covered.

Adult Swim Lessons—Improving Skills and Swimming Strokes

This level is designed to introduce swimming strokes to adults so that they develop confidence and endurance as novice swimmers.

Adults master the swimming strokes in the Learning the Basics level, Freestyle and Backstroke.  Breaststroke, Sidestroke, Butterfly and basic flip turns and turning at the wall are introduced. Treading water and recovery to a swimming position is mastered.

Adult Swim Lessons—Swimming for Fitness

This level is designed for adults who have mastered the swimming strokes in the Improving Skills and Swimming Strokes level and want to work on proper timing, technique, and stroke refinement in order to achieve more ease, efficiency, power and endurance.

Further coordination of the basic strokes is emphasized so that the student can swim smoothly over longer distances. More advanced turns at the wall, and safety skills are mastered.


Adult Swim Lesson Locations

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If you have questions about swimming lessons for adults, please contact our Support Team at 949-420-0804.

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